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Commercial Building Services


Building Operations & Tenant Relations


Sovereign has assisted building managers with air quality, water damage or mold concerns.  Sovereign has successfully assessed exposures and related the findings and what those findings really mean to tenants, workers, and the public.  Sovereign can assist all parties and bridge the gap between building managers, tenants, and occupants by conducting:


  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Complaint Investigations

  • IAQ Management Plans and Air Quality Testing for LEED certifications

  • Ventilation & HVAC Balancing Studies

  • Water Damage and Mold Assessments


Property Management


Sovereign has assisted building managers with operational needs to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulatory compliance.   Equipment additions and upgrades (sterilizers, generators, chillers, and boilers, and other infrastructure) often trigger unplanned regulatory events.  Building renovations usually raise concerns about hazardous materials and waste management.  Sovereign can help by completing:


  • Air and Stormwater Permitting

  • Asbestos, Lead, and Mold Consulting

  • Asbestos Removal Project Monitoring

  • Hazardous Materials Assessments

  • Waste Assessments

  • Wastewater Consulting & Operation


Property Acquisition


Sovereign can be a real asset to your property acquisition/divestiture team. We have provided:


  • Best Fit/Feasibility Reviews for new location siting

  • Hazardous Materials Assessments of retasked structures

  • Phase I and II Environmental Assessments

  • Team-Based Allied Services (Civil and Structural Assessments and Services)


All are necessary for the siting of new facilities, the proper renovation and safe occupancy of older reused properties, and the successful transaction of properties in the ever changing property management world.

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